Wherever you go, we've got you covered. Helps as a bug-net too!

Since 1986, this is the original no fuss concept line of unique-look fun in the sun jackets & cover-ups. Sunveil is specifically designed as a ventilated and cool warm-weather wear for use with your regular sun-protection regime, which may include sunscreen lotions.

    Our Current Products:

  • Longbeach Coverup
  • Suncheater Zip Jacket and Unisex Pant
  • Sunvalley Coverup
  • Eclipse Unisex Shirt
  • Corona Unisex Jacket
  • Sunara Wrap
  • Sarong Wrap
  • Armguards
  • Palm Thong
  • Suncap
  • Optimo Unisex Hat
  • Sun Halo Hat
  • Panorama Hat
  • Infant Prampopper
  • Kids Crusher
  • Child Jacket and Pants

Made in Canada